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Christine Dowdell


What a great Mother, GrandMother and Great-Grandma she was and  she was the embodiment of;





Offering of






Encouragement, and



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In memory of a life too soon cut short,  

Whose light was dimmed by violence and hate,

Whose soul still shines, 

though now it's far too late, 


To hold her close, to comfort and support.

Her memory lingers on, a gentle flame, 

That burns bright in the hearts of those who knew, 

Her kindness, warmth, and love that always came, 


With open arms, a smile, and a "I love you".

Though Death may seem to claim the final say, 

And darkness clouds the path ahead with fear, 

Our Mother's love will never fade away, 

And through our tears, her light will still appear.


Rest now, sweet angel, in eternal peace, 

Your love will live on, and will never cease.

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To Our Beloved Mother, Christine


God called you home but it feels like it was before your time,


the Devil arose and you were taken from us by a senseless crime, 


But your memory, your legacy will forever lives on in our hearts, 


Where your love and kindness and the lives you touched, will never depart.


Your smile was a ray of sunshine on the worst of a cloudy day, 


Your touch a soothing balm to take our cares away, 


Your voice raised your voice and you spoke with a comforting melody that we'll never forget, 


Even though you're gone, in our hearts, our love for you will never quit.


The sacrifices your mean words will never be enough so we dedicate this book of poems to you, 


To honor the legacy you left us, and heart of love, pure and true, 


Each word is a tribute to your spirit and grace, 


A reminder that you'll always hold a special place.


We miss you so much, Dear Mom, our treasure


But your love lives on in our hearts and spirit, always and forever, 


Until we meet again, in a brighter place, 


We'll hold your memory close, and your light will never fade.

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With dignity and grace, she walked this earth, 

A shining light, a beacon of faith,  a woman of great worth. 


Her honor and her kindness, were always on display, 

Her love, her devotion, her sacrifice, brightening every day.


She lived her life with purpose, with joy and hope and peace, 

Her strength and her conviction, no matter the weather, never did she cease. 


Her smile lit up the world, her laughter filled the air,

Her gentle touch and loving heart, was beyond compare.


Though darkness overtook her, and evil brought her down, 

Her light still shines upon us, her legacy wears a crown. 


Her dignity in life, still speaks to us today, 

Her honor and her grace, forever on display.


We honor her with every breath, with every beat of our hearts, 

Her memory will forever live, and never will depart. 


Her love and her kindness, her strength and her embrace, 

Will always be remembered, as she rests in a peaceful place.


Her spirit lives within us, her light shines bright and strong, 

And though she's gone from this world, her memory will live on. 


With dignity, 

With honor, 

With grace, 

She touched our lives each day, 

And in our hearts, 

her legacy, 

Will forever stay.

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The love of a grandmother, 

a bond like no other, 

A connection so pure, 

it can never be smothered. 

But fate has taken her from us, 

in a moment so cruel, 

Leaving our hearts empty, 

a pain that cannot be soothed.


Some of our children will never know, the joy of her embrace, 

Her warm and loving presence, that could fill up a space

And even though she's gone, her love still remains, 

Her spirit forever lives on, in our memories and refrains.


We'll speak of her with reverence, 

with love and with pride, 

And share with our children's children children, the stories of her life. 


For though they'll never know her touch, 

her voice, 

her face, 

However Her love is still with us, and cannot be erased.


We'll tell them of her kindness, 

her wisdom and her grace, 

Her spirit of adventure, 

the smile she always had on her face. 

We'll show them pictures, 

and speak her name with care, 

So her memory will live on, 

in their hearts and in the air.

Though they'll never have her here, 

to hold them in her arms, 

Her love will be their guide,

keeping them from harm. 

And though the pain of loss, 

may never go away, 

Her love will always be with us, 

and in our hearts she will always stay.

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The love of a grandmother, 

a treasure to behold, 

A bond so pure and true, 

more precious than gold. 


But fate has dealt us such a harsh blow,

and taken her away, 

Leaving us with memories

and hearts that ache each and everyday.


We mourn the loss of our mother, grandmother

a woman so divine, 

Her laughter and her love, 

forever etched in time. 


She held us close with tenderness, 

with words of hope and grace, 

A guiding light in all our lives, 

a warm and loving embrace.


Even though she's gone, 

her legacy, will live on and on,

For all the love and wisdom, 

she left us to draw upon. 


And though our kids may never know, 

the love of their grandma's touch, 

They'll feel it in the stories, 

in the memories that we clutch.


We'll tell them of her kindness, 

her strength and her resolve, 

Her love for us and them, 

so true and so involved. 

We'll share the pictures and the words, the memories that we hold, 

And though she's gone, her legacy, will never grow old.

We will hold her in our heart, and let her memory be your guide, 

A love that's strong and pure, forever by your side. 

And though the pain of loss, may never go away, 

Her love will always be with us, and in our hearts will stay.

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Though you're not here, in body or sight,

Your love and spirit, your teachings, shines so bright.

We'll hold on tight, to memories of you,

And carry them with us, our whole lives through.

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A mother so dear, with a smile so bright,

Her laughter and love, a guiding light.


She nurtured us all with a gentle hand,

And showed us the world, so full of wonder and grand.

On 2.22.2022, she was taken from us too soon,

A void that can never be filled, darkness forever that will loom.


Though she's gone, her love will always remain,

A guiding light to us all, through joy and pain.


So we'll hold her close, in our thoughts and in our hearts,

And keep her memory alive, a true work of art.


For my Mother, our Mother, through the worst times, she was a light in the dark, And her spirit will always be with us, forever a shining mark.

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My Grandma, GMom was my hero, 


my shinning star my shining light, 


She held my hand, took away my fears and hugged me tight. 


Her love was like a warm embrace, 


That shined through the darkness and made the world a brighter place.


We'd play games, dance and sing and tell stories late at night, 


And laugh and giggle, eating homemade cookies until it was light. 


Her voice was soft, but full of life full of care, 


A sound that made me feel safe a voice that made me feel so rare.


But it happened,  that one day, 

when the sun stopped shining and she was taken away, 

In a moment that felt so bleak, so dark so gray.


I didn't understand what had happened or what had occurred, 

Or why my grandma, GMom had to be interred.

I felt so lost, so alone, so scared, 

Like a part of me had died, my soul had been impaired. 


But then I closed my eyes, I felt her touch, I felt her love, 

A gift from her, A word from God, sent from above.


I knew she'd never leave me, 

even though she was gone, 

Her love is like a light that would always shine on. 


I'll never forget the memories or the times that we shared, 

Or the love and kindness and forgiveness that she bared.


So though she's not here with me, physically, 

Her spirit lives on, and will always be, A part of me, 


Sometimes I lay in the bed crying in my pillow thinking of her,

My Grandma, my Superwoman, my Hero.

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A Lovely Rose Artistic in it’s all its ways, A rose has so many things to say, A color of rich wine, And curvature of the divine, Who created you? And how did you come to be? None stand so beautiful and as lovely as thee, Not to be transformed or made a replicate, Your radiance draws like the best cake, Sweet and soft but hold with such pride Too large for a wee sprite but just right- To be a Boutonnières or corsage, I am beauty in its rawest form, Look for me with every beat of the drum, Each time a toast is made, I shall make my appearance like the best hand of spade, When least expected you will catch a glimpse of me, There just beyond the crowd or resting under a tree, Forever with you, in every aspect of me, From art, to sewing to the next tapestry.

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Christine was my sister, my friend, my guide,


Her presence filled me with love, with faith with joy and pride.


She was kind and loving, strong and brave,


And to be with her, was all I craved.


We laughed and played, danced and shared our dreams,


And nothing, it seemed, was as great as it seemed.


She'd protect me from harm and guide my way,

And in her presence, in her light I felt okay.


But then one day, from us she was taken away,

In a moment that left me hopeless, lonely and in disarray.


I didn't know how to cope, how to continue, how to survive,

Without her, my sister, it felt like I couldn't thrive.


The pain is deep, and the wound so raw,

I didn't know if I could continue, how to get up or stand tall.


But then I remembered all that she'd taught,

And knew her memory, her love, it couldn't be lost.

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You were the anchor that kept my Sisters and I steady, 


The light that guided us through the dark, 


Your love kept us warm when we were chilly, 


Your strength is what lifted us even when things fell apart.


You were the rock that we could cling to, 


The shelter that protected us from the storm, 


Your sweet soothing voice that sang us lullabies, 


Your love and your heart  was what kept us warm.


You were the source of all our joy, 


The one who was always by our side, 


The constant presence in our lives, 


Our beacon and our guide.


So here's a book of poems, 


Dear Mother, 


A small token of our love and gratitude,


A tribute to the woman, 


A Queen, 


An angel who meant the most, 


Our protector, 


Our mentor, 


Our eternal fortitude.

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If you know of her, if you were blessed to know our Mother

She had virtuous and kind soul, she gave her life for others.


Her love never faltered, her heart was full of wisdom, her words were always true, 

She taught us to love and serve, in all that we would do.


Her hands were always busy with work day and night that had no end, 

Her dancing, her laughter filled our home, with joy that could not bend.


She cared for us with tenderness, with love that was profound, 

And in our hearts, her memory will forever be renowned.


Her beauty was not fleeting, it came from deep within, 

A heart that loved the Lord, she kept the faith, a spirit without sin. 


Her strength was unrelenting, her dignity always on display, 

A mother that was cherished and loved, in every single way.


We are her children that have risen up and call her blessed, for she was truly great, 

She left us with a legacy, a giving spirit, a love that will never abate. 


We thank the Lord above, for the gift of our dear mother, 

For she was a woman of noble character, a gentle woman, unlike any other.


Though she is now gone from us, her love lives on each day, 

And in our hearts, her memory will forever stay. 


We honor her with gratitude, for all that she has done,

A mother, a friend, a virtuous woman, forever our shining sun.

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My grandma was my guiding star, Her love and forgiveness for me was never far. 


She taught me how to be kind, and stay true, to have faith, your word always follow through.


She gave me hugs, told me stories, taught me to see the good in people and the world's glories. 


Her laughter filled me up inside, And her warmth never seemed to subside.


But then one day, she was taken away,I have cried every-since and  I left with nothing to say. 


My heart feel heavy, my eyes filled with tears, And all I can do is face my fears.


I miss her touch, her smile, her face, And I longed to feel her warm embrace. 


But then I remember all that she taught, And knew her love could never be bought.


She's still with me in every way, In everything I do and say. 


And though she's gone, her love remains, Guiding me through life's rough terrain.


So though I miss her more than words can say, I know she's watching over me each day. 


And as I grow and face life's strife, I'll always carry her love and light.

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Behold,  we are the children of our Mother Christine


Precious gifts from the Lord up high, 


Blessed we were the fruit of her love, 


As we grew and flourished beneath her watchful eye.


For as arrows in the hand of a warrior, 


So are the sons and daughters of a mother's heart, 


Guided and protected with steadfast care, 


And cherished from the very start.


Through laughter and tears, 


joys and fears, 


Our Mother's love knew no bounds, 


For we are her children, the light of her years, And the treasure that she had found.


So let us give thanks for our Mother Christine's embrace, For the love that she selflessly impart, 


May we honor and cherish her every day, And hold her close within our hearts.

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Mom was a very independent woman and even though she was a single-parent, she never once talked about how hard it was raising us and she never complained about putting us first ahead of her dreams and goals.  In Psalms 127:3-5, the bible talks about how children are a blessing and that is how Mom saw us, a blessing for her and she enjoyed not only being a mother but a grandmother and a GMom(great-grandmother.)


She never saw us as a liability, more-so an asset

She never cursed the Lord

The life she lived, She had no regrets.


She gave us as an opportunity, the future for us to shape

She lived life to the fulliest  

Learning from her past and continued to push through the pain and heartache.


She valued her family, her kids endlessly

She  was love, she gently

She was everything a Mother is supposed to be.

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She lived her life with love and grace,

Her wisdom and kindness, a true treasure to embrace.

A woman of God, with a heart full of care,

Her generosity and joy, a legacy to share.

So bless her, O Lord, and keep her in Your grace,

And may her love and spirit forever live on, in this place.


For she was my Mother, our Mother, the best Mother, and her love will always stay,

A shining example of Your grace, forever and a day.

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Though you're not here, in body or sight,

Your love and spirit, your teachings, shines so bright.

We'll hold on tight, to memories of you,

And carry them with us, our whole lives through.

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At the age of 20 she had little ole me

how could it be, she married my Dad, but they split

so it was just Mommy and me


I was a Momma's boy but she was able to raise a man

independent woman

on her own she taught me how to be strong and stand


to hold my head up 

to walk proud and tall

from being gifted with the pen to holding my own shooting ball


Momma was the best, a true one for real

from making ends meet when things were tight

to taking $20 dollars and making a full course


She never broke down never gave in to the pressure

she stay strong through the darkest of times

her heart was genuine and she was treasure


As they grow older and I tell my kids about the woman their Grandmother use to be

tears of joy and sweet sorrow

as I think back when it was just Momma and me.

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