Corey Dowdell



Born in Richland, Georgia, USA, 1977

20year Military Veteran US Navy 2000 - 2020 

2014-2017 Studied at the Thomas Edison State, NJ.  

Nuclear Engineer

Corey bought his first camera, the Nikon D90 in Hollywood in 2010.  While stationed in Japan, his wife was diagnosed with melanoma and while she underwent some intensive cancer treatments to save her vision and her life, he decided to start photographing her life and bought his first camera, Nikon D90 in Hollywood, and the vision went from there.  Going from portfolios to real estate and drone photography to evolving into modeling photography and wedding events.

AnotherDaynParadise Photography's goal is to capture that one special moment that will last a lifetime.  We understand that the present moment in time can be and often is the most precious moment in time, one that we must treasure.