Hi, I’m Corey Dowdell

a photographer, videographer. content strategist,, design fiend, conceptual creative, digital marketer, brand magician & amazing storyteller.  

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Nuclear Engineer

Computer Science

Pre_law / Criminal Justice


What is the purpose of photography? To me, the purpose of photography is documenting the joy in our lives, and sharing that joy with others.


  1. Artistic outlet: To fully experience happiness in life, we must create; make stuff. Photography is one of the best and easiest ways to make art— that is open and accessible to all of us. The more photos we make, the happier and more fulfilled we feel in life. 

  2. Physical and mental therapy: The more we shoot, the more we force ourselves to look around us, and appreciate the beauty around us. This allows us to find beauty in the mundane and ordinary of our everyday lives. Even now after I have traveled the world, I find the greatest beauty in the most ordinary places — photographing at home, at the local grocery store, at the park, or just even walking around the block. 

  3. Cheerfulness: I feel the most enlightened people are the ones who are cheerful; always in an uplifted mood, and can find joy in the smallest things of everyday life.

A photographers hand: Intuition, confidence, vision, passion, creativity.

To build your skills in photography:

  1. Follow your intuition: If your gut says that a certain scene might make a good photo, just shoot it!

  2. Have confidence in yourself: Have the confidence in yourself that you’re on the right path in photography. Also have the brazenness to shoot photographs that might upset people. 

  3. Vision: Follow your own vision in photography; ignore what everyone else is shooting. Follow what you find beautiful in the world, and shoot it in a way which reflects your artistic vision. 

  4. Passion: If you have a burning, ardent, passion for photography — never depress yourself. Allow yourself free reign to shoot a lot, shooting often, and indulging your passion for photography by traveling, investing in photography books, education, and anything else that stokes the fire of your passion in photography. 

  5. Creativity: Shoot your photos in a novel way— experiment with different dynamic compositions, different styles of post processing, and experiment with different perspectives.

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2014 - 2017

BS I Thomas Edison State


It is obvious that there is a lot of pain and suffering in the world. Yet, there is still so much joy, beauty, and happiness in the world. As photographers, we should be life-affirmers, which means that we affirm life; we state that life is worth living, and great!



I began taking photos of my wife in 2011, while we were stationed in Japan and she was diagnosed with cancer.  I believed that capturing those moments would last throughout her lifetime and beyond.



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